Poets. Spoke Word Artist. Actors. Musicians. Dancers. Singers. 

SpeakEasy! is an open mic experience  that allows artists in the city to be seen and heard.  We  welcome all art disciplines to participate. We host a number of open mic events throughout our seasons. Dates, times, & tickets for 2020 will be available soon!

Want to Feature or Spotlight in 2020? Email or DM us on Instagram.


We do not discriminate against content, but please keep in mind that we are an open-safe space for all. 

Featured artists are paid for their work. And, can perform a set up to 5 pieces. In addition, an optional table will be provided to sell merchandise.

Spotlight artists are not paid. And, can perform a set up to 3 pieces. In addition, an optional table will be provided to sell merchandise. 

We also accept vendors for our space. We do not collect vendor fees. If interested in being a vendor at a SpeakEasy! event Email or DM us on IG today. 

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