It Takes A Village

In addition to providing accessible theatre, our goal is to provide a space for individuals to unlock their dreams. And, to assist in providing resources to achieve those dreams. From instilling values, changing opinions, to translating experiences - art is a reflection of life. Research has proven that exposure to artistic expression can affect the fundamental sense of self. We believe that art provides a catalyst for positive societal change, personal development, economical growth, among many other useful tools. IT TAKES A VILLAGE is us doing our part in the "community".

If art doesn't evoke change, why do it? Over the next five years, as we grow, we want to be a guiding light in society and offer workshops and community service projects to aide individuals in lower-income communities with resources and tools to succeed. 

DROOM Artist Emergency Fund

The DROOM Artist Emergency Fund is a temporary donation based fund to help assist artists with unexpected expenses during the Coronavirus outbreak. Our goal is to raise monetary donations in order to distribute funds amongst qualifying applicants evenly.

We are asking that individuals, who can, donate any dollar amount because we are all STRONGER TOGETHER.

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